TUSEM Sponsorentreff

Netzwerken mit Mehrwert: TUSEM-Sponsorentreff bei Sutter LOCAL MEDIA

Sutter LOCAL MEDIA hosts the 5th TUSEM network event this season. On April 16, 2018, Fast and The: How Google Gives Opposition to Non-Optimized Websites „.

„Fast or Die“ – this drastic dramatic credo applies in handball as well as in search engine marketing. Like the top table positions in sports, the top spots on Google’s hit lists are highly competitive. Google’s „Speed ​​Update“ wants to penalize non-optimized sites with too high load times as of summer 2018. Companies do not give the internet the risk of falling behind on the internet.

At the 5th Network Meeting, Thorsten Pydde briefed sponsors and partners of TUSEM on the implications of the upcoming Google Update, while also outlining strategies and solutions for companies to avert possible pitfalls. Sutter LOCAL MEDIA. Sutter LOCAL MEDIA. In a relaxed atmosphere, the invited guests are invited to have a drink and have a look at other topics, to follow the lecture and then go into detail. TUSEM sponsors event in every respect.

TUSEM sponsor meeting on 16.04.2018 at Sutter LOCAL MEDIA from left to right: Lina Heintschel from Heinegg, Sebastian Bliss, Nicole Lummen, Tim Zechel, Sandra Marotta and Lukas Ellwanger

Photo: Sutter LOCAL MEDIA

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